Black Dyke Band is proud of their partnerships with Besson, Michael Rath Trombones, Majestic Percussion, SHB Hire, Dennis Wick Ltd and Centre Stage. In addition, the band welcomes the support of many Founders, Life Patrons, Patrons and Members of the Black Dyke Band 'Friends' Society.

The Trustees and Members of the Band would like to take this opportunity, in front of the world to thank them all. We would also like to thank our audiences, ‘Pondashers’ and followers throughout the world for your faithful patronage and appreciation of our music.

The future of Black Dyke Band is an exciting one which we would wish you to share. We will continue to maintain our reputation for musical excellence and through initiatives such as this web site bring our unique talents to the attention of a wider audience.


Black Dyke Band: Residence at the RNCM


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