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Band Member Daniel Thomas
Position Principal Euphonium
Instrument Euphonium
eLearning:  for Intermediate's

Course Description

Our intermediate course helps you to learn across a range of different skills. It recaps on what you learnt in the beginners’ course and then builds upon those lessons. If you can already play the Euphonium at a basic level, this may be the perfect course to take your musical journey forward.

Starting with Scales and Arpeggios, the lessons work through improving your skills in key areas. It looks at fingering and flexibility, sustaining a note, learning about loud and soft playing, and improving your range, amongst a range of other skills. It focuses all the time on learning new skills alongside strengthening the basics. Your musicality will be enhanced as you understand more about the instrument and its’ versatility. You will be undertaking more complicated exercises and pieces. This ten-video course also teaches you how to practice correctly and manage your playing to improve your all round musicianship. A perfect follow-up for our Beginner’s course.

Course Content
Total Learning: 10 Lessons Time: 4 Hours

Scales and Arpeggios

We will look at scales and arpeggios in this session, and how to get the most out of them!

20 minutes

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Practice makes Perfect

In this session, we will look at various ways you can organise and structure your practice.


Sustaining a note

Long Notes! In this lesson, I talk about how amazing long notes are and why they should always be in your daily routine!


Staying flexible

Flexibility exercises. We all know that flexibilities are important, so I’m going to share with you a couple of my favourites that serve very different purposes.


Improving finger technique

Finger exercises. Working on our fingers is something that can drastically help in many areas, even tonguing! Let me show you why.


Developing articulation and dynamics

Articulation exercises. I look at some of my favourite exercises to develop single, double, and triple tongue, and explain a few concepts that might be new to you.


Further improving your dynamic control

How to develop your loud and soft playing!

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Improving your range

Range Building. Range building is easy, providing you know how to do it! Let me show you.


The importance of warming down

We all know about warming up but warming down is also equally as important. This lesson examines how to do it properly.


Developing a routine

How to get better by listening to different players, how to cultivate the sound inside your head and how to use it to improve your playing