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1. March the Pondashers, George Willcocks, Black Dyke Band, 2.32
2. Tale of the Dragon, Paul Lovatt-Cooper, Black Dyke Band, 7.56
3. Willow Echoes, Frank Simon, Black Dyke Band, 4.03
4. Trumpet Blues and Cantabile, Harry James arr. Geldard, Black Dyke Band, 2.52
5. Mack the Knife, Kurt Weill arr. Goff Richards, Black Dyke Band, 2.29
6. To Boldy Go, Peter Graham, Black Dyke Band, 7.51
7. Bravura, Peter Graham, Euphonium Soloist Daniel Thomas with the Black Dyke Band, 4.44
8 – 10. James Bond 007 Suite
8. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, John Barry arr. Barry, Black Dyke Band, 2.20
9. Nobody Does It Better, Marvin Hamlisch arr. Dewhurst, Soloists Zoe Hancock, Siobhan Bates, Alison Childs, Sammy Latus and Katrina Marzella with the Black Dyke Band, 3.21
10. Live and Let Die, Paul McCartney arr. Farr, Soprano Cornet Soloist Martin Irwin, Kit Player Matthew Rigg with the Black Dyke Band, 4.03
11. Metropolis 1927, Peter Graham, Black Dyke Band, 15.38
12. Gaelforce, Peter Graham, Black Dyke Band, 6.42

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