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Band Member Daniel Thomas
Position Principal Euphonium
Instrument Euphonium
eLearning:  for Advanced's

Course Description

Designed to take your playing to the next level, Daniel has designed this course around a series of exercises to improve a range of skills. He introduces the famous ‘Caruso’ method for learning the instrument. Our Advanced course builds on the foundations laid in the Intermediate course but goes further by developing your musicianship in a number of key areas. Warming up, improving sound and tone, maintaining control and accuracy and timing are all covered by the ten lesson course.

At the end of this course, you will be equipped to play to a high standard, and take your playing forward by learning how to train and practice by yourself. The course’ focus on musicianship and control will stand you in excellent stead if you wish to continue playing as part of a band.

Course Content
Total Learning: 10 Lessons Time: 4 Hours

How to warm up properly

Warming up! I go through my warm-up routine and show you exactly what I’m thinking and how I tackle problems.

20 minutes

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A new methodology

Introduction to the Caruso Method and The ‘Six Notes’ exercise.


Improving your sound

‘Lips, Mouthpiece, Horn,’ the next exercise in the Caruso method! A great way to develop sound and strength.


Exercises for better sound control

‘Harmonic Exercises,’ how to use the natural harmonics of our instrument to even out our sound.

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Keeping low!

Chromatics Down and Arpeggios Down’ are great low register exercises to help develop your low register and help tackle embouchure breaks.

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Advanced exercises

‘Intervals,’ my favourite range building exercise, but quite advanced!


Improving your flexibility

‘Noodles and Spiders,’ great flexibility exercises aimed at improving embouchure and sound consistency.


Improving your dynamics

‘Dynamic Studies,’ very potent exercises that help develop your heavy lifting skills! Listen and follow the instructions carefully!


Focusing on accuracy and timing


How to recover after playing

‘Recovery.’ This section is going to cover some ground regarding what to do when your face needs some TLC! Hopefully these exercises will help you when you find your embouchure in a spot of bother.