Published Jul 9th, 2024
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Nothing short of extraordinary

The recent visit of the world-famous Black Dyke Band to Switzerland was nothing short of extraordinary. Organised by a small but dedicated team, led by the inspirational Maxime Girod, the event was a testament to meticulous planning and a true celebration of music.

From the moment the band arrived, it was evident that this was going to be a memorable experience. The organisers, driven by their admiration for Black Dyke, spared no effort in ensuring that the welcome matched the band’s prestigious reputation. The presence of esteemed guests, including the Prefect of one of the most important regions in the Canton of Vaud and the President of the Grand Council of the canton, added an air of significance to the occasion.

The concert itself was a resounding success. Even the distinguished guests, who were relatively unfamiliar with brass bands, were captivated by the exceptional musical prowess displayed by Black Dyke. They expressed their delight and sent messages of congratulations, acknowledging the extraordinary level of talent they witnessed.

One of the highlights of the evening was the performance of the newly composed “Venoge March,” specially commissioned for Black Dyke’s visit. This composition, which was commissioned by Maxime Girod and written by another great friend of the band, Peter Graham, paid homage to the Venoge River, a beloved symbol of the Vaud region. Each note and melody of the march beautifully captured the essence of this picturesque river, evoking the stunning landscapes and tranquility it represents. It also contained a reference to the band’s signature march Queensbury. If you’d like to hear it, visit our shop and download it for just £1.

The concert, held at the Théâtre de Beausobre in Morges, attracted an audience of over 600 people from Switzerland, France, England, and even Boston, USA. The international appeal of Black Dyke was evident as music lovers flocked to witness this iconic English ensemble in action.

For Maxime Girod, the organizer, this event was a dream come true, the visit of Black Dyke to Switzerland will undoubtedly hold a special place in his heart for many years to come.

The Black Dyke Band’s visit to Switzerland showcased not only their rich history but also their unwavering commitment to musical excellence. Their performance left a lasting impression on all who attended, and it was truly a rare and remarkable experience.

Overall, the visit of the Black Dyke Band to Switzerland was a triumph. The dedication of the organizers, the stunning musical performances, and the warm reception from the audience all contributed to an unforgettable evening. This event will undoubtedly be cherished as a milestone in the cultural landscape of Switzerland.