Published Nov 7th, 2023
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BBC Cameras visit Queensbury

BBC’s ‘Look North’ paid a visit to see The Black Dyke Band recently. Their coverage of the band’s remarkable achievement at the National Championships at the Royal Albert Hall this year shed light not only on the band’s success in winning again the prestigious and coveted trophy, but also the talent, dedication and commitment of its members. The news segment was broadcast live from the band’s historic base in Queensbury and it celebrated the band’s triumph in becoming the UK’s National Champions once again.

The broadcast included an interview with the band’s Musical Director, Professor Nicholas Childs and it also featured Cornetist Keith Britcliffe. Keith is one of the players who goes to great lengths to attend rehearsals, travelling a total of 250 miles several times each week. This dedication demonstrates the passion and devotion of all the band members, who go above and beyond to ensure their performances are of the highest quality. Keith’s determination is a testament to the tight-knit community and shared values within the Black Dyke Band.

Professor Childs’ expertise and guidance over many years, coupled with the total dedication of every player, have played a vital role in the band’s ongoing success. This band has not only consistently achieved remarkable contest results, but it has also delighted concert goers world-wide and firmly established its status as one of the finest brass bands in the world.

The BBC’s coverage of the Black Dyke Band’s success not only celebrates their achievements but also highlights the positive impact the band continues to have on the wider brass band movement. By showcasing their musical prowess and dedication, the band has become an inspiration to aspiring musicians and supporters alike. The Band has always played a significant role in promoting the rich tradition of brass band music, and their success continues to raise the profile of the genre.