Published Mar 10th, 2024
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A true icon in the brass band world

The Black Dyke Band bids farewell to a musical legend as Philip Goodwin steps back from his active role in the tuba section. After an illustrious career spanning an impressive 39 years, Phil concluded his musical journey during a memorable concert held in Rochdale recently, surrounded by his bandmates and accompanied by his wife, Jacqui.

A true icon in the brass band world, Philip Goodwin has been an integral part of both the Black Dyke Band and, prior to that, the CWS Manchester Band. With unwavering dedication and a passion for music, Phil has inspired generations of musicians and provided exceptional leadership to the tubas.

Poignant moments during Rochdale concert

During his tenure with the Black Dyke Band, Phil’s remarkable talent and guidance as Bandmaster have contributed to numerous victories in major competitions. His list of accomplishments includes an astounding six British Open titles, seven Nationals Championships, seven European Championship victories, three English Nationals triumphs, and an impressive twelve Yorkshire Regionals wins. His exceptional contributions have solidified his place in the annals of brass band history.

The transition ceremony was a poignant moment for all who have had the privilege of working with Phil. Philip Pearson, Chair of Black Dyke Trustees, had the honour of presenting Phil with a token of appreciation, acknowledging his unparalleled commitment and invaluable contribution to the band.

“The epitome of a true bandsman”

Professor Nicholas Childs, Director of Music at Black Dyke Band, shared his admiration for Phil’s remarkable career, stating, “Phil is the epitome of a true bandsman. He has dedicated his entire musical journey to two bands, the great CWS Manchester and Black Dyke. His leadership and exceptional musicianship have left an indelible mark on the tuba section and the band as a whole.”

While Phil’s stepping back from active duties marks a transition, his impact on the world of brass band music will continue to reverberate for years to come. Although he may be stepping away from the spotlight, Phil’s legacy as a consummate musician and a highly esteemed member of the Black Dyke Band will forever be cherished.

Photographs: John Stirzaker

Article: David Nicholson