Published Oct 10th, 2023
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Black Dyke Band indomitable in Italy

The band recently had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Merano Music Festival in Italy. The highlight of their trip was a concert held in the prestigious Kurhaus concert hall, which proved to be a resounding success!

The journey to Italy was not without its challenges though. After a long day at work, the players, many of whom are teachers, made their way to Manchester Airport for their evening flight to Milan. Upon arrival the band members discovered to their horror that some of their instruments had not made it to their destination! Despite having paid excess baggage charges, none of the tubas or indeed the bass trombone were anywhere to be found! Imagine the concern and disappointment.

However, the international Brass Band community is a close knit one with many alliances, great friendships and terrific cooperation between bands. With the support of the concert organiser Alexander Veit, and John O’Brien the Black Dyke Band’s Secretary, the local band Brass Band Überetsch came to the rescue and generously offered the use of their instruments. This act of kindness was greatly appreciated, as it allowed Black Dyke Band to proceed with their scheduled concert without any disruption.

The concert itself was a resounding success. The Fabulous Kurhaus concert hall was filled to capacity, a complete sell out, with standing ovations and many encores requested, in fact demanded! From the very beginning there was an obvious connection between band and audience. Many of the players met audience members during the interval and signed autographs. Items of band merchandise were in high demand too, particularly the Black Dyke Gold box set.

Despite the initial setback with the missing instruments, the Black Dyke Band’s participation in the festival was an unforgettable experience. The band members demonstrated their professionalism and resilience by overcoming the obstacles they faced. The support and generosity of Brass Band Überetsch played a crucial role in ensuring the success of the concert.

It was an early start for everyone on Sunday morning for the journey home. It began at 3 am and concluded by touching down in Manchester at 10.30am, ensuring everyone could be safely at home and ready for work on Monday morning.

Overall, the Black Dyke Band’s participation in the Merano Music Festival was a triumph. It showcased the band’s exceptional talent and highlighted the power of music to bring people together, even in the face of adversity.