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Band Member Gavin Saynor
Position Principal Tuba
Instrument Tuba
eLearning:  for Advanced's

Course Description

Our Advanced course builds on all the skills and techniques learnt in the Beginner and Intermediate courses. It extends your technical skill and looks at how to improve your musicianship in many vital areas. The importance of warm-up, tonguing techniques, low notes and intervals, interpretation and phrasing, range and control, breathing skills and importantly, how to manage your own nerves when playing in public!

This course is firmly focused on making you not only a better Tuba player, but also a better all round musician.

This ten-video course enables you to progress musically to the point where you will be playing complex pieces and gives you the tools to continue your practise and development by yourself.

Course Content
Total Learning: 10 Lessons Time: 4 Hours

Expanding Warm Up routines

Adding to our warm up routine. We introduce various warm-ups to target specific areas. Discuss the importance of a practice routine.

20 minutes

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Tonguing techniques

We look at how the tongue affects the way we play and the way we sound. We introduce double and triple tonguing.

20 minutes

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Learning low notes

4th valve and low notes. We now extend down to a pedal C...and possibly beyond. We develop ways to prepare and execute those low notes.

20 minutes

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Managing intervals

We take a look at intervals, both in practice and performance, and the techniques involved in successful execution.


Learning musical articulation

The art of articulation. We look at how adding exercises which work around various articulations can help dexterity and technique.


Interpretation and phrasing

Advanced musical interpretation. Style, rubato and vibrato. Notes or music? The art of phrasing. Learn to listen to yourself.


Improving range and control

Advancing high register. Air control. Approaching the issue of the upper register.


And Breathe!

Air, air, air. The importance of air. We sort out those breathing problems and introduce exercises to use your air effectively.


Controlling nerves

We discuss how the mind can affect performance. Anxiety control. We discuss taking your playing to the next level.


New music and bringing things together

In this lesson we recap what we have learnt during the course and how the different aspects of playing come together. Play different music to show learning.