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1. Four Minute Mile 3.27
​​​​​​​Judith Bingham, Black Dyke Band  ​​​​​​​
2. Pure Gold – A 4 x 4 Relay 13.27​​​​​​​
Luke Carver Goss, Ian McMillan (Narrator) with The Manchester Chorale and Black Dyke Band
3. The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 16.59​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​Derek Bourgeois Black Dyke Band
4-19. Pictures at an Exhibition​​​​​​​Modest Mussorgsky arr. Elgar Howarth Black Dyke Band
Promenade 1  1.38
I. The Gnome  2.43
II. Promenade 2  0.55
III. The Old Castle  5.11
IV. Promenade 3  0.32
V. The Tuilerie Gardens  0.57
VI. Bydlo  3.20
VII. Promenade 4  0.50
VIII. Ballet of Chicks in their Shells  1.13
IX. Tw Jews  2.22
X. Promenade 5  1.33
XI. The Weekly Market at Limoges  1.22
XII. The Catacombs  2.07
XIII. With the Dead in a Language Dead  1.53
XIV. Baba Yaga  3.39
​​​​​​​XV. The Great Gate of Kiev  5.35

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