Published Apr 1st, 2021
Time to Read 2 minute

Black Dyke held their first Virtual Brass Day with over 80 delegates and 99 musicians in total taking part.  Delegates came from far and wide with participants from the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and some delegates from Canada who joined us at 4.30 am their time, not to miss the start.

“I entered the Black Dyke Virtual Brass Day with trepidation and a genuine sense of excitement, I was looking for inspiration and was not disappointed!” Euphonium delegate, Mike Tarrant, Murley Silver Band, Ireland.

There were full band rehearsals featuring repertoire including Punchinello, Goff Richards Doyen Buglers’ Holiday, Journey Into Freedom and Toccata in D Minor. Prof Childs made the rehearsals engaging and very interactive. The rehearsal performances were almost like Black Dyke on a world tour with performances visualised in concert halls including Sydney Opera House , KKL Lucerne Switzerland and the Royal Albert Hall London.

Brett Baker led a workshop giving an insight into motivational practice techniques, and Richard Marshall guided the delegates on how to improve their technique.

A lighter moment was a Brass Band University Challenge, with Mathew Routley putting down his Tuba to become the perfect quiz master allied to a great power point presentation.

In the afternoon delegates had a magical moment where Prof Nick interviewed two fantastic Black Dyke legends, James Shepherd and John Clough. They genuinely gave an insight into their lives and some special secrets!

Delegates commented…..

“Really fun to participate in the Black Dyke Band virtual day! Cool music and motivational conversations! Great interview from Prof. Nick with icons John Clough and James Shepherd. Great initiative!”.

Willy Van De Pol, The Netherlands

“It was a fantastic day of banding. To me it really felt like I was in the band room / concert hall. Something I haven’t felt since last February. OUTSTANDING! Thank you Prof Nick and Black Dyke”.

John Fricker, Euphonium

Alison Childs, Administrator commented.. “The day was everything and more than I expected, and in these challenging times it was an unexpected present to bandspeople around the world.”