Retirement cup presented to Phineas Bower, 1906

Retirement cup presented to Phineas Bower 1906 Silver cup with decorative lid and wooden base. Engraved text in two panels. […]

Crystal Palace entry form 1860

Entry Form for Crystal Palace, Sydenham 1860, for National Championship Competition, includes names of bandsmen and their profession and instrument […]

Steel engraved plate for Saillen, Helvetienne

Brushed steel plate etched with imagery and text. ‘ Au Black Dyke Mills Band, Saillen, Helvetienne, 101e Festival Mai, 1993 […]

Framed collection of Medals

Collection of medals awarded to members of the Black Dyke Band up to the year 1938. These have been donated […]

Cowbell from Lucerne 1988

Commemorative Cow bell, Leather strap with Bronze bell. Text and Swiss flag on leather strap. Text reads, ‘11th EBBC Lucerne […]

Glass commemorative plaque, Lyre Broc 1973

Rectangular coloured glass plaque with leaded detail. In burgundy and yellow. writing ‘La Lyre Broc- En Gruyere, 27 Mai 1973’ […]

Ceramic Tankard with DAKS coat of Arms (No 2 of 2)

White Ceramic Tankard, (No 2 of a pair) With Coat of Arms and Motto in Gold, Blue and Red for […]

Ceramic Tankard with DAKS coat of Arms ( No1 of 2)

White Ceramic Tankard, With Coat of Arms and Motto in Gold, Blue and Red for the DAKS company. Motto ‘Aspice […]

Ceramic bottle Souvenir of Swiss tour

Brown Ceramic bottle /flask with feet, flattened front and back. Front painted with alpine lakeside scene. Text “ Rolle Suisse’ […]

Wooden commemorative plate from La Lyre, 1973

Wooden Plate, inscribed La Lyre – Broc – En Gruyere 27th Mai 1973 Category: Commemorative object Dimensions: 245 mm diameter […]

Traditional Japanese figure, souvenir of tour

Ceramic Japanese female figure in traditional dress, In Blue and white, Presented to Black Dyke Band during Japanese tour. Category: […]

Steel presentation platter, Bi Centennial visit to Australia.

Polished steel Oblong platter with elaborate engraving. Text inscribed, ‘Bankstown City Band Welcome BlackDyke Mills Band on its Bi Centennial […]


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