Since its formation in 1855, the record of achievement of the Black Dyke Band can be considered without parallel in the Brass Band world. Everything that has been accomplished stems from a core principle held by all band members, past and present, that the Band exists to promote the very highest quality of musicianship at all times.

It is no accident that amongst its ranks Black Dyke has been fortunate enough, throughout its history, to have some of the greatest exponents of their instruments as playing members. This has also been true of conductors and the musical associations the band has enjoyed through the decades. The virtuoso ensembles that have formed Black Dyke, at different times, have all been able to contribute to and develop a unique musical legacy.

Another critically important factor in this success has been the camaraderie and sheer joy experienced by all members in coming together to play Brass instruments as part of a band. Many players have been world-class soloists in their own right, and when they have come together under the Black Dyke banner, they have achieved and sustained musical excellence.

The band today continues to strive to produce the finest music and also to innovate. Despite its history, the band has never been stuck in the past, and musical achievement has often gone hand in hand with musical risk taking.

By clicking on the links from this page you can discover more about the ground-breaking musical journey the Band has taken and its achievements across a variety of different musical expressions.


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