Over many years Black Dyke has amassed an enormous amount of material showcasing the history and achievements of the Band. The eclectic nature of this collection provides an important record of the Band since its formation in 1855. The story told by our collection mirrors that of the people, the town and society from which the band emerged, and with which it still retains strong links.

In 2017 Black Dyke established a physical home for this archive material in the form of its Heritage Centre, which anyone can arrange to visit. In the Centre, visitors can see for themselves the history of the band in artefact, aural and visual form. To make this heritage as accessible as possible, it has always been the Band’s desire to have a Digital Archive to complement the physical presence in Queensberry.

Within these pages you can view, and listen to, a range of different materials. The collection  ranges from photos and certificates, through to manuscripts and famous recordings from the past. We hope you enjoy taking a journey through the heritage of our world-famous Band.

First prize certificate, National Challenge Trophy, 1949

The Daily Herald National Brass Band Championship Award First Prize The Daily Herald National Championship Challenge Trophy together with £200 guineas was awarded to BLACK DYKE MILLS […]

Cowbell from Lucerne 1988

Commemorative Cow bell, Leather strap with Bronze bell. Text and Swiss flag on leather strap. Text reads, ‘11th EBBC Lucerne […]

USA tour diary 1906

Diary recorded by band member during the 1906 tour of America. Also includes press cuttings and postcards collected during the […]


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